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Sheryl Crow – Wildflower (2005)

  • Download Artist or Band: Sheryl Crow
  • Title of Album: Wildflower
  • Style: Pop rock
  • Year: 2005
  • Format: MP3 / FLAC
  • Quality: 320 Kbps / Lossless
  • Total Size: 124 MB / 360 MB

Album Tracks:
01 – I Know Why
02 – Perfect Lie
03 – Good Is Good
04 – Chances Are
05 – Wildflower
06 – Lifetimes
07 – Letter To God
08 – Live It Up
09 – I Don’t Wanna Know
10 – Always On Your Side
11 – Where Has All The Love Gone
12 – Wildflower (Acoustic Version)
13 – Where Has All The Love Gone (Acoustic Version)
Wildflower moves Sheryl Crow one step closer to Hall of Fame status as she shunts the established rock star’s impulse to get all experimental, but instead sprawls, rambling rose-like, across the substance-spiked pop landscape she helped pioneer. Three ingredients, glistening vocals, flawless production, and catchy songs rub up against one another in all the right places. These ingredients will cause you to hold your breath on the beautiful piano ballad ‘Always on Your Side’. They pop up again on the George Harrison-esque ‘Where Has All the Love Gone’ reminding you that Crow can reflect and reveal as convincingly as she can rock. If there is a ripple that runs through Wildflower, it’s a pensive one. On ‘Chances Are’, she sings of being “…lost inside a daydream.” The measure of her talent, ripe and reappraisal-resistant, is her ability to consistently bring us inside the bubble with her. A&M. 2005.
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