Paprika Soul – Song Birds (2018)

Paprika Soul – Song Birds (2018)

  • Download Artist or Band: Paprika Soul
  • Title of Album: Song Birds
  • Style: Rhythm and blues
  • Year: 2018
  • Format: MP3 320 Kbps
  • Total Size: 182 MB

Album Tracks:
01 – Music of Life (feat. Christine Glen Cousee’)
02 – Too Much Love Makin (feat. Jackie Hicks)
03 – Mellow Mellow (feat. Christine Glenn Cousee, Tim Whitnall)
04 – Lets Get It Together (feat. Christine Glen Cousee’)
05 – Dindi (feat. Jackie Hicks)
06 – He Loves You (feat. Sarah Newell)
07 – Try My Side of Love (feat. Sarah Newell)
08 – Slick (feat. Gayle Spiller)
09 – Skindo Le Le (feat. Christine Glen Cousee, Poli Cousee)
10 – Bad Bad Simba (feat. Malcolm MacFarlane, Poli Cousee, Phil Mudford)
11 – Boss Tres Bien
12 – Jungle Strutt (feat. Malcolm MacFarlane, Poli Cousee)
13 – Xiababa (feat. Christine Glen Cousee)
14 – Mellow Mellow (Radio Edit)
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