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Style – Melodic Metal (Female Vocal)
Country of origin – Norway
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Album Tracks:
01. Ghost Division (feat. Quentin Cornet & Dan Vasconcelos)
02. Storytime (feat. Quentin Cornet)
03. Touch in the Night (feat. Quentin Cornet & Garrett Peters)
04. April Rain (feat. Louis Viallet)
05. Let it Go (feat. Kim Bengtsson)
06. You’ll Be in my Heart (feat. Quentin Cornet)
07. Year Zero (feat. Quentin Cornet)
08. A Lifetime of Adventure (feat. Quentin Cornet)
09. Forever (feat. Daniel Carpenter)
10. Come Cover Me (feat. Tomas Svedin)
11. In the Middle of the Night (feat. Alex Luss)
12. Where Were You Last Night / You Give Love a Bad Name (Mashup) [feat. Quentin Cornet]


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