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Style – Black Metal
Country of origin – Finland
Total Size/Quality: 77 mb | Mp3, CBR 192 kbps
Artist Information

Line up:
Frater M – Bass (Sargeist, Saturnian Mist)
Frater Vile – Drums (Saturnian Mist, ex-Garcharot)
Artifex IC – Guitars, Vocals (ex-The Entropy, ex-Pantheon Of Blood)
Frater CVV – Guitars, Vocals (backing)
Frater Ptahaz – Guitars, Vocals (backing) (Saturnian Mist, ex-Pantheon Of Blood)
Frater Nozlens – Keyboards

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Album Tracks:
1. Intro – Uhrituli
2. Ilmarinen
3. Melek-Taus
4. Heimdall
5. Lucifer
6. Prometheus
7. Agni
8. Outro – Ikuinen Musta Liekki


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